Health App Development Consultation


If you are thinking of developing a health app earthier for business or health research, we can assist you in two ways.


1-    Requirements Document Development

Requirements definition is one of the most imperative steps in the process of designing a health app project. Without well-defined requirements, developers and integrators do not know what to build, This gives a chance to developer to take control of the development process as they see from their point of view, and there is no way to validate that the final product satisfies your health project need. For example, if your project is about developing a smartphone health app for monitoring glucose level your final product quality will be always as good as your requirements document. You might need a screen that collect the data from the users and save them in the glucose level app database were users later can look at their glucose level history, This is enough for the developer to do the project, but you have missed a lot of simple things such as constraining the range of the input data, specifying the labels in the data input screen and history etc. that may later make the final product a very low quality health app. You might include functions that are hard to code or understand by the developers, which will eventually increase the development cost or getting the wrong function in the final product. As your contract will validate the final product against the requirement document there is no way back or chance to change without expanding the budget of the project. Furthermore, developing the requirement of a health or research project is always problematic and it is always recommended to be done by health informatician who understand how both domains (Health & IT) works and interact. Therefore, during project planning, technical requirements must be understood in enough detail by experts in the area to develop project budgets and define resources needed. Requirements are reviewed, the project team strives to understand the requirements, and the requirements are refined further, if necessary.


2-    Health or Research App Custom Development:

We will be happy to discuss any custom development as long as your requirement development is ready. As Smart Health Project is mainly founded to support health research in the smartphone domain, we will always give you the best price and if it is a student project 20% discount will be applied. However, again the quality of the final product is as good as the requirement document.


If you are interested to know more or discuss your project, we will be happy to provide a brief free advice and direction; do not hesitate to contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it