Smart Health PROJECT

Smart Health project is a not-for-profit project that was founded in mid 2012 to develop various smartphone health apps and Web applications.
The project aims are:

(1) To develop reusable health App and Web templates that can be used for various health conditions on a global level.

(2) To implement de-identified data extraction methods that can be used in smartphone & Web health research on a global level.

(3) To evaluate policies and regulations of health-related smartphone apps and web sites targeting health consumers on global and local levels.

(4) Establish and improve standards for health-related smartphone apps quality assessment.

(5) Cooperate with other health research organizations to improve accessibility, quality, and efficacy of smartphone health-related apps and health-related web sites.

Our main objectives:

1- To improve global public health via utilising the Smartphone & Web technlogies to deliver the most recent evidance-based health information, screening tools, Surveillance and monitoring, and interventions on a global level to health consumers.

2- To build a large research database to be used to improve various health domains utilising ad-hoc de-identified data collection methods.

Project Progress:

In Less than 3 years:

1- We developed 10 smartphone health apps, that has been used by more than 60,000 users worldwide.

2- The research database have a combined records of more than 50,000 participants.

3- 19 research papers have been accepted for publication in the top health informatics and public health journals. (See Research Themes section)

4- More than 13 abstract presentations in various research conferences around the world.

5- One of our projects won the Australian health informatics society smartphone app award.

6- Some of our research papers had received a global media attention.

7- Our research work in the area of Quality and Regulation has influenced the stakeholders and contributed to policy changes.